Shirley Johnson is crafting kids’ character through music.  She’s an educator, singer/songwriter, and speaker from Calgary, Alberta.  Shirley holds a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Saskatchewan and, through years of classroom  experience, has discovered songwriting as a tangible way to address the emotional as well as the educational needs in children.  Her vision is to provide musical resources that build kids’ character and help to mold them into caring, responsible citizens.

Teach Me Well, her first CD, encourages positive values such as telling the truth, doing your best, showing respect, and practicing kindness.  Listen To Your Heart helps kids understand bullies, the power of words, what matters most and the value of a giving heart. Both CDs address timely topics with catchy tunes and lyrics and are highly recommended for elementary age kids and younger.

Companion songbooks are complete with lead sheets including chord charts; lyrics for fast, easy duplication; and practical lesson plan ideas. As teachers and parents alike have discovered the value and user-friendly nature of her resources, her music spread across the country. But, perhaps the best endorsement of all comes from kids…they simply love Shirley’s music!  

As an experienced performer, Shirley travelled throughout the Prairie Provinces as a children’s entertainer, presenting “Character Building Concerts For Kids”. Along with an anti-bullying message, concerts emphasized respect, kindness and the power of words. Her concerts help foster a co-operative, caring attitude and encourage kids to make a positive difference in the world.

Shirley loves to work with teachers and has presented her music and ideas at Teacher’s Conferences across Western Canada. Her music has been called “A Timeless Treasure” and is an excellent resource for virtues education.  In 2004 and again in 2007, Shirley was a nominee for Southern Saskatchewan’s “Women of Distinction Award” (Education category) for her work with children.

As a daughter of a WW2 veteran, Shirley is passionate about honouring men and women who serve their country and has been instrumental in planning and participating in events that honour those who serve in uniform.  Her songs “Let’s All Remember” and “Men And Women In Uniform” have been used extensively in connection with Remembrance Day and at events that honour uniformed personnel.

Shirley is married and when they are able,  she and her husband enjoy hiking in the Rocky Mountains with their dog.